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Providing financial freedom
to digital natives

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What they do:

Copper is like Venmo for teens (did you know teens have to use CASH? They can’t Uber/Lyft or pay their friends back for that taco/latte/concert ticket seamlessly). They subscribe to the ever-limiting bank of mom and dad.

The Situation:

SIREN was approached with a big challenge — how do we create a brand for a bank and financial literacy platform that serves Gen Z? One that authentically marries the tenets of trust and reliability needed for a bank, with culture and cut-through-the-noise attitude needed to engage this generation of digital natives?

Our Solution:

Welcome to the #NewHustle. The road to banking and financial literacy is a long and thorny one, so we created an integrated identity based on the foundation of The New Hustle — the path to financial freedom being rooted in a solid education.

Copper is a living, breathing brand. Not only does the identity consist of all the usual facets (logo, typography, colors, etc) — it also deepens its ability for storytelling and user engagement by way of Abe. The number one #CopperBoss, Abe exists to guide you to financial freedom.

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