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Bringing the city of Tiburon
to Sillicon Valley 

Art Direction
Copy Writing
Print Design

Siren was tasked with creating a compelling two–part print campaign to reinforce Tiburon’s unique attributes relative to “inspiring spaces”.

Partnering with a writer from the New York Times, we created “The Whitepapers”.

Divided into Blue Mind, Biophilia and Move we delve into 3 areas that are scientifically proven to enhance personal connections, mind and creativity. The result? Something clients hang on to, and a piece that aligns Tiburon with inspiration.

Alongside The Whitepapers, we created a unique direct-mail marketing piece inspired by the playful interactivity of Eames cards.

In a sea of redundant travel brochures, how do you establish Tiburon as the destination for memorable and unique corporate gatherings? Our solution? Create a kit of parts that is joyful, and has a long shelf life.

Corporate meeting planners are invited to create their own experience through building this informative piece in different ways. Learning through play. And making a continuous impression by thinking about brochures differently.

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