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Today’s “blanding” of consumer brands has been hotly debated as to the reasons why so many companies opt to blend-in as opposed to standing out. One such source seems to be designers reliance on image sourcing tools like Pinterest. Read Base Design’s unpacking of this trend.

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11.20.2019SIREN + VCO
SIREN will be partnering with global furniture dealer Vanguard Concept Offices (VCO) to rename/rebrand after the acquisition of Canada based Office Source and SCI. The new brand identity will be launched in early 2020.

11.13.2019SIREN + ToteSavvy
With the launch of two new consumer products in the beginning of 2020, SIREN will help ToteSavvy unveil their goods with a launch campaign spanning digital and social.

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We are an award winning design agency that shapes brands, sharpens stories, and brings innovative thinking to a range of clients — from startups just finding their feet, to international companies with decades of brand history.

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